Bombay is an urbanized island on the central west coast of India. It’s India’s major western port, and the most common arrival point for persons sailing to India from Europe. From there a traveler can take India’s extensive railway system all over the subcontinent.

Bombay features a large bazaar that’s as diverse as any in the world, well-regarded universities, fine hotels, and many other features that make it attractive to Westerners. Most Europeans live in a neighborhood known as “the Fort.” On nearby Malabar Hill stand the Towers of Silence. There the Parsees, a sect of Zoroastrians who are rich and have great influence in the city, expose their dead to the vultures according to the customs of their religion.

Since the opening of the Suez Canal, Bombay has become a major crossroads between East and West. Everything is a strange mix of British and Indian cultures in and has a very exotic. There are also many world travelers to be found exploring or passing through the city. It is one of those places where you can literally run into someone from anywhere in the world.

It is from here that Sheldon Grey will launch his expedition to discover the legendary Dragon Island.


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