Lance Sharpe

Famous Aviator/Rich Industrialist


Agility: D10, Smarts: D8, Spirit: D4, Strength: D6, Vigor: D6

Skills: Fighting: d8, Piloting: d10, Riding: d4, Shooting: d8, Swimming: d4, Notice: d8, Repair: d8, Kn: Aviation: d6,

Edges: Ace Pilot, Trademark Vehicle: Sharpe Industries Batfish, Rich, Filthy Rich, McGyver

Hindrances: Overconfident, Habit: Frequent Smoker, Quirk: Meticulous

Age 30, Height 5’10”, Weight 180 lbs, Light Brown Hair, Blue eyes


Depending on who you talk to, Lance Sharpe has been described as a shrewd businessman, a visionary producer, a brilliant innovator, a damned nuisance, a feckless playboy, a raving lunatic … and occasionally all of the above. He inherited an oil-field tool company from his father fifteen years ago, and has since built it into a business empire that includes real estate holdings, a motion picture studio, an aircraft factory, and several others besides. He’s a constant worry to his assistants, because he has a rather looser definition of “dangerous” than most people. They’re not worried about new businesses, since those have generally been very successful. His long-standing passion for aviation is what gives them premature grey hairs. He has been obsessed with speed. He has consulted with virtually every aeronautical specialist in the nation, looking for new ways to make airplanes faster. He has even consulted with one Professor Goddard from Massachusetts, which has had some … interesting results. But with great risk comes great reward. Sharpe is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and with the successful flight of the S-1 Fireball earlier this year, he’s the fastest man alive.

His personal vehicle is a Sharpe Industries Batfish, a heavily-modified amphibian variant of the newly-introduced Consolidated PBY Catalina.

Lance Sharpe

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