Sheldon Grey

Famous and wealthy treasure hunter


A daredevil and world traveler, Sheldon Grey is always on the lookout for exotic treasures. The son of a self-made shipping magnate, Sheldon was taught from an early age to make his own mark in the world. Toward that end, Sheldon has used his inheritance to finance expeditions around the world to pursue forgotten treasures.

Sheldon is charming, handsome, and rakish. He has never married, preferring to travel the world and partake in adventures rather than settle down and raise a family. Lately, however, he has started to feel his age (he is approaching forty), and often speaks of settling down. Few take him seriously.

Grey has recently recovered the journals of Lord Richard Cranston in London. He determined there had to be some truth to the legend of Dragon Island.

He has sent out invitations to a group of people he believes can help him find the island using technology that was not available to Lord Richard Cranston including Lance Sharpe. Several celebrities were also invited to add to the already sizeable ‘buzz’ about the expedition including dashing Hollywood leading men Clark Gable and Fletcher Essex.

While awaiting his team in Bombay, Grey and some of his associates undertook a little publicized mission to the Hindu-Kush Mountains for the Colonial British Government in India.

Sheldon Grey

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