Thrilling Tales

Kick Off

June 1936

Responding to invitations from Sheldon Grey, the group arrived in Bombay. Fletcher Essex and Tommy Mann via commercial air travel, while Lance Sharpe and Manny arrived in the Batfish. Made welcome by Sanjay Bhakti the team shared dinner and drinks that evening and learned that Sheldon Grey would be returning from the Hindu Kush the next afternoon.

A soiree to celebrate the success of the last expedition and the kick off of the next was more lively than expected… as Thugee assassins made an attempt to kill Grey for his offense againt Kali. The party made short work of them, and other than poor Sanjay no one received any injuries they weren’t able to shrug off.

The next morning bright and early the group departed the Queen Alexandria hotel by bus to the airport where they were introduced to their vessel for the expedition: The Pegasus. A custom made Airship, designed by Grey and built by the German Airship Company. Attached to the Pegasus was the Batfish which would serve as a scout plane. Former RAF Captain Roger Gordon is the head of the Pegasus’ hand-picked crew.

The first few days were uneventful as the crew went about their duties and everyone fell into a fairly luxurious routine. Recon flights in the morning and afternoon; drinking and fine dining in the evenings. Copies of key parts of Cranston’s notes were provided for everyone to familiarize themselves with as well.

On the fourth day out of Bombay, a storm brewed up out of nowhere forcing Lance Sharpe to abort his morning patrol. A lightning strike caused a minor fire on the skin of the zeppelin, but the crew moved quickly and made repairs. Capt Gordon called for the mission to be aborted to a less risky weather season. Sheldon Grey would hear none of it… citing cost, time, and reputation.

The island finally showed itself on day five. With another storm threatening the decision was made to anchor the Pegasus and explore the island of foot. The landing party, consisting of the team, Sheldon Grey, Sanjay, and two crewmen, was observed by the natives. Manny spotted the numerous watchers and Fletcher was able to convey friendliness and get their leader to come forward. He offered some kind of greeting and then gestured for the group to follow him out of the storm.

About an hours trek through the jungle from the beach, the B’Kara village is built next to a sizable natural wall of rock. The simple thatch and grass huts in the village seemed home to a population of 2-300 natives. A pyramid-like structure that appeared to be some kind of altar was in the center, but the group wasn’t given time to explore as they were led to the largest building which seemed to be the home of the village’s leader.

He spoke passionately at length in his native tongue. Not much was understood… two names seemed to recur: M’Longo and N’Jama. Both seem to be revered as some kind of (literally) higher powers… it is thought the latter is the name of the ‘dragon’.



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